Do you feel yourself falling behind in your raving goals? Has the same old 4/4 routine not been doing it for you anymore? Well, do we have the event for you. Presenting JACKED UP, a new rave formula from Impact! Foundation, now with 100% more Vitamin DnB. This breaks based music is guaranteed to help you hit those raving highs that you’ve been looking for.

Featuring active ingredients such as ECLIPSE:PROJECT, a duo mix of OBSYDIAN and DJ SOULR, that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping or your money back. This is in addition to our secret sause, OSHA VIOLATION, a J-Core and breakcore type ingredient usually but is returning to their roots in DnB. Along with them we also have IT’S TRICKY, who was first seen in our Midweek Magic series formula, but now returns for a mainline show.

Other ingredients include KORRA THE KID, a first time for any Impact! event. Korra has been spinning all over Seattle for a decade, and we’re excited to feature her for this. Then, last but not least we have NOX.SIS and L00PGAR0U. Nox.Sis has been featured before in our Technocore and Dream Pool series, and is back with new DnB flavor. Meanwhile, L00pgar0u has just made it’s Impact! debut at Club 909 and I’m excited to see the new twist it’ll add to Jacked Up. Can’t wait to see y’all on the floor ❤️

Flyer by DJ Distemper