Our first release, State Of The Rave!

Impact! Records was founded with the goal of taking out attitude towards show production to the label space. Our events are known for never compromising on quality, treating artists well and making sure they’re fairly compensated, and being an inclusive space that makes sure everyone feels welcome in it. These are values that are, sadly, sorely lacking in the label space, and we hope to set an example as we pioneer the future of Hard Dance and other genres with you.

This initial release is intended to get our name out there and show that we’re ready to start building up to something big. While our first release is small, we hope to eventually be releasing regular compilation albums, working with artists to produce and release full albums, provide mixing and mastering services, advertising, merch management, and even full 360 deals under our umbrella.

If you’re interested in working with Impact! Records you can contact us at [email protected]. Can’t wait to help you get your tracks out there ❤️