We’re bringing back 3 kinds of hards for this night; Hardware, Hardcore, and HARDWIRED. Last year we threw our first Hardwired, which went absolutely insane and launched a special place in our hearts for live hardware/production that continues to this day. And now it’s back, with twice as much hardware and twice as many bangers. This time, we’re joined by 3x returning champ from Boston LIL KEVO 303, who will be returning to demonstrate his amazing blends of DJing, live hardware, and production for us again. Last year, we had the pleasure of debuting one live hardware b2b, and this time we’ll have the pleasure of spotlighting a new one with GRAZ b2b MIKEY303.  Graz and Mikey303 have both been an amazing part of the Seattle scene, and I know few people locally more dedicated to their craft with hardware stuff. Super excited to see them pop off together.

Along with those two, we have SOLID STATE. A legend in his own right otherwise known as Amphetamine Virus, MDS or Nootropic he’s been tearing up the world and bringing dark blends of breakcore, drum n bass, and hardcore to deliver a cyberpunk sound that will have you going insane. Along with him out of SLC we have DUMBOYSTICKY who’s been getting crowds jumping with jumpstyle bangers and comes to us now with a NRG/Hard Dance vinyl set.

And for our last two, but most certainly not least names we have ECSTASY JONES up on the front of the stage rather than behind it. Max has been doing VDJing for Impact! for over a year now, and now makes his way to the front to deliver his first mixed medium set of live hardware techno/gabber/noise and VDJing at the same time. Finally, we have PDX up and comer FREYA DELTA bringing in the heart pumping hardtek to keep it 200, doing blends of DJing and hardware to get the party started. Can’t wait to see y’all on the floor :3

Flyer by Jill