Con Afterparty Flyer


Stage 1 is SeriesAI’s Kanpai Rave, going on at the same time as our Con Afterparty! You can find more info at the link above!

After a nice long weekend of con, get ready to send it off in style! Come in your cosplay to get half off at the door, because Impact! Foundation is bringing you the best (unofficial) con afterparty in town, with two stages featuring big names, familiar faces, and all your friends to cap off one of the best events of the year. Speaking of which…

STAGE 3: Hard Dance

For those of you who wanna keep party rockin, we’ve got it all here

Headlining is 99JAKES, a legendary hardcore artist and pillar of 909 Worldwide, who will also be playing main stage at Sakura-Con itself! Along with her is local legend ADORA BLUE, whose insane blending of hardcore, eurobeat, and VGM/J-Core will have you dancing your heart out

Bringing the cyberpunk to the anime funk, is LUVRNETIC whose dark and heavy hardstyle and hardcore will make you feel like you’re in the mean streets of Neo-Tokyo. With them also is JVCK BLVCK whose ridiculous sets of drum n bass, trap, hardcore, dubstep, and whatever ridiculous meme track you can imagine well send you to raver heaven

Back again on the decks in Impact! co-founder and legendary Hands Up DJ ALICEOFSIN, ready to make an Impact in your night with her perfectly composed sets. Then, returning fave from K-909 is VIXEL, whose J-Core bangers will elevate you to heights previously unseen to raverkind

After that is DJ Khatalyst, another local Hands Up and Hardcore legend who blends classic CDJs with CDs into her sets for maximum beat power. And rounding it all out is DJ3DX, who returns for their Impact! big stage debut bringing the best in J-Core to a crowd of con goers hungry for it.


For those of you who wanna take it easy and relax with your friends after a long weekend, we got you

Headlining is legendary trance, house and techno DJ, AVIAN INVASION. His blissful beats will soothe your feathers after a long weekend, and help you decompress from all the noise and thunder.

Then, we have local icon USTOPIA making their return, serving up fresh techno and trance for a set you won’t forget. Rounding out the dynamic duo is HAZEL ZEN who could send your mind on a journey to almost anywhere with everything from ambient to some cutesy Drum N Bass

And finishing out this all star list is returning Impact! favorite KITSUNE DJ, back once again after being a large part of our initial success with house and trance offerings for the weary souls.

Can’t wait to see you on the floor!

Flyer by Eximious