Start your clocks cause here comes the DROP! The Twenty Second Bass Show is coming at ya, as we branch out from our regular offering of hard dance to bring you only the dirtiest of drops. Featuring names like BREAKDOWN OF MORALITY, whose violent tearout tracks combine together excellently with  incredible live vocals and energy. Along with him we have the return of NOT MANY SURVIVE who, a while ago, came and jammed for us at the Midweek Magic open decks. Since then, I’ve been watching her take off locally and we’re so excited to have her back.

Along with them we have MORRIGAN THE INFUSIONIST, a PDX fave who’s been burning down clubs all across the PNW with her epic hybrid symphonic and bass beats. This event also marks the return of Ms. Frizzle, who’s been a part of the Seattle scene for over a decade coming out of Hardcore semi-retirement to blast some amazing wubs at you.

And for our last couple, we have GAP M_E who’s been working in production and sound design, but now takes the stage at her Impact! debut.  Rounding it out is IYI, a Seattle local whose unique production style is sure to help get the party started. Can’t wait to see y’all on the floor

Flyer by Eximious